Blast the Enemies with Clash of Clans Bomb Tower

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Bomb Towers were added to the Town Hall 8 community after the October 2016 update. They specialize is blasting large amounts of melee troops as the wander to their 6 flooring range. Although 24 DPS at level 1 does indeed not seem to be like a large amount, it adds up rapidly!


CoC Bomb Tower
CoC Bomb Tower


Bomb Towers are best utilized in blend with other defenses that administer dash damage combined with Giant Bombs within their 6 flooring range. The combo of the Giant Bomb great time and the bombs from the Bomb Tower will be the one-two punch that draws to a close the raid.

All about Bomb Tower CoC

Lets go a little further with the Bomb Tower and the Giant Bomb romantic relationship. There exists a very specific construction that best suits the Giant Bombs and the Bomb Tower. Simply by positioning 2 and even 3 Giant Bombs around the Tower players will love observing large groups of soldiers crumble at their ft. The impact of the overflowing Giant Bombs, in combo the splash destruction from the Bomb System much more than enough to get rid of the Hog Riders the Miner the Bowler and severely wound the Valkyrie. In addition to the Giant Bombs you need to have several other supporting defense within range of the Bomb Tower to help defend from the air attacks and add for their overall strength on floor defense. Make sure the Air Defenses are established up behind the Structure (in other words the set up would go wall, Bomb Tower, Surroundings Defense) this does two things, it allows the Air Defenses to hide the Bomb Tower AND causes air troops to pass through the Bomb Tower to reach their primary target of the AD.

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Levels

Bomb Tower Levels
Bomb Tower Levels

Bomb Towers deal death harm from 150 in level 1 up to three hundred in level 5. After the Bomb Tower get ruined it explodes and every troop within its boost radius of 6 floor tiles, 3 tiles in every direction from the centre of the Bomb Tower CoC takes on the destruction. This may be a focal point on your base if set up properly. During ground attacks the targeting troops will group up when they face high HP buildings like storages. Try to arrange your base so attacking soldiers will need to go through a storage to reach the Explosive device Tower and the variety of complimentary traps and defenses that you have offered at your Town Lounge lvl. With a little luck the attacking soldiers will pile up when eliminating the storage and a horde of assailants will plow over the Bomb Tower and Large Bombs etc.. as soon as the Bomb Tower CoC goes down and blows up, it’s death damage along challenging other damage from the large Bombs and any other defense in the area may be just what it can take to end the rezzou! Grouping your defenses in arrangements that compliment the other person will always be the way to go. Retain another factor in head as well, attacking soldiers will have spells to help them along. These types of spells can ensure that the attacker get through a completely evenly looked after base so create hot spots in your defense that attacking troops will need to endure giant bursts of injury. The CoC Bomb Tower system is a prime prospect for one of people hot spots because of their death damage.

CoC Bomb Tower Upgrade

Bomb Tower CoC

When considering when to upgrade the Bomb Tower there are a few factors to keep in mind. first they have relatively high base weight just like all of the sprinkle damage defenses BUT the value for that foundation weight might not exactly be up to the Wizard Tower for example. This is credited to the limitations and the inability to protect against air troops. All of us do not have a concrete base weight quantity for the Bomb Tower system on our Base Excess weight Page but we came across a reasonable figure structured how much value SuperCell has put on similar defenses. With all factors considered I do believe an affordable time to upgrade the Bomb Tower would be last in line among the Splash Damage protection but before the only target point defenses.

Total the Bomb Tower is not a game changing defense but it will bring your entire ability to defend against the surface based attacks up a notch if you put it to use correctly. Precisely what is correctly? In a well designed part of your base that is lurking behind a high HP building like a storage (for some troop build up) and with additional bombs around it to increase its death damage to the critical or perilous level. Don’t expect too much out of which if you place them in a smaller compartment off by itself somewhere. The Bomb Tower NEEDS to have just a little help on defense but it should go out with a hammer so try to partener it up with another splash damage defense as well as having an Air Defense close by so 1 Minion will not be ably to are positioned over it and eruct black poo on it until its dead!

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