Giant Bombs

Boom Your Enemies with the Giant Bomb -CoC Hack

Clash of Clans Giant Bombs normally abbreviated and called Big Bombs or “BB” are available at TH6. At put and Town Hall 6 players being enabled to purchase one on their foundation. From TH6 players get one added CoC Giant Bomb in each one of the Town Hall upgrades all of the way to TH10 […]

Clash of Clans Small Bomb

Least Expensive Trap ie Clash of Clans Bombs {CoC Trap}

Bombs are just one of the least expensive items to buy on your village. They do small amounts of damage and therefore are considered to be of almost no use by many players since they will not entirely wipe out most troops that activate them. This misconception leads the the use of the snares. The […]

Spring Traps CoC

Make Your Enemies Fly Off with these Spring Traps

Spring Traps CoC are concealed springs that cause instant death to the 1st set of troops that activate it. The only real setbacks that the Spring Trap has it that all troops to be sprung by its not powerful enough. It’ll instantly kill any troop from the 15-19 housing space (with respect to the Spring […]