Clash of Clans Archer Queen -CoC Hack

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The Clash of Clans Archer Queen is an eagle-eyed warrior, whose weapon of choice is a modified X-Bow that few men could dream of wielding. She can attack enemy villages or guard your village.

When she is injured or ‘falls’ in a battle, a small explosion will occur, she will yell in pain and a red beam will shoot to the sky. After that, she will stand still, having a “dizzy” animation.


 Clash of Clans Archer Queen -CoC Hack
Clash of Clans Archer Queen -CoC Hack


Details of Clash of Clans Archer Queen -CoC Hack

  • The Archer Queen is chiefly a stronger and more powerful version of the Archer.
  • Archer Queen is automatically summoned once its Altar is constructed.
  • Cost of Altar is 40,000 Dark Elixir.
  • The Archer Queen is an immortal unit.
  • The Archer Queen shoots 3 rapid arrows per shot.
  • The Archer Queen is mainly the matching part of the Barbarian King, and vice versa.
  • The amount of time she sleeps to regenerate is directly proportional to the health she has lost.
  • The more Archer Queen is upgraded, the more time it will take to fully recover her health.
  • The Archer Queen can be healed by Healing Spell or a Healer while battling; However, this healing occurs at 50% of the rate of that of normal troops.
  • When the Archer Queen is completely healed, you will hear a jingle sound.
  • The Archer Queen sleeps during the up gradation time.
  • Using gems you can increase the Archer Queen’s healing rate for 1 hour.
  • The Archer Queen only defends her territory in her range.
  • From level 5, Archer Queen gets a new ability called “Royal Cloak”.
  • By using Royal Cloak you can make her invisible to enemy defences for a short period of time, in addition to greatly increasing her damage, restoring some of her health and summoning up to 12 Archers.
  • Archer Queen can attack air units like Balloons, Dragons, or Minions.


Upgrade Differences Clash of Clans Archer Queen -CoC Hack

The Archer Queen is similar to a giant Archer, but with a modified X-Bow, a silver crown, and a green dress.

At level 10, her crown becomes golden.

At level 20, the stock of her modified X-bow becomes golden as well.


Offensive Strategy Clash of Clans Archer Queen -CoC Hack

    • Archer Queen has better so a good strategy is to place a group Golems, Giants as a meat shield, then some backup troops like wizards archeries and last an Archer Queen.
    • When the Archer Queen attacks while her Royal Cloak ability is active, her arrows will turn from its Elixir colour to bright orange.
    • You can use an Archer Queen with a Royal Cloak Ability in attacks to clean up buildings for 50%.
    • The Archer Queen is not affected by the Spring Trap.


  • The Archer Queen and Healer combination, better known as “Queen Walk” is a very workable strategy when you’re targeting for loot


Defensive Strategy Clash of Clans Archer Queen -CoC Hack

  • The Archer Queen can be placed next to the Barbarian King to fight together, which will concentrate their power, making them a defensive force to be reckoned with. Alternatively, they can also be spaced out to cover a larger range.
  • It is a good idea to place the Archers Queen’s Altar in the middle of your base Layout. Appropriate placement depends on what is suitable for your particular village.
  • The Archer Queen is more suitable for defence as she attacks faster and hits harder in comparison to the Barbarian King.
  • Unlike troops in the Clan Castle, the Archer Queen cannot be lured to the edge of the map and then destroyed out of range of the defences (unless her Altar is near the edge).

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