Powerful Clash of Clans Character :: “The Giant” -COC Hack

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Now when you are upgrade your barracks and become eligible for training the Giants COC then you are able to fight against the stronger clash of clans bases. Giants are powerful and the biggest coc characters which have a decent personality.


Appearance of COC Giants

Giants are muscular male warriors which are known for their strength against the direct attack. These can easily be differentiated among the whole coc barracks troops. They are wearing the brown dress and with a unique haircut. These are the 3rd troops that are being unlocked after the COC Barbarians and Archer COC. With the upgrading of giants Level their dress and appearance becomes more muscular and fearsome.

Clash of Clans Giant or COC Giant -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Giant -COC Hack

They possess a housing space of 5 units in the army camp and needs a medium amount of elixir for its training. It is defined differently for different levels of Giants. Know your best mate of CoC Game ie Clash of Clans Builder & if you are a beginner in CoC then start here and learn How to play Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans Giant Levels

Giant COC has total of seven levels and 7th level of giants is really powerful and are able to destroy the buildings and opponents with one blow. They have very strong will and defensive power and it takes a lot of time to kill these coc characters. They need a housing space of 5 which is massive as compared to the other Barrack Troops Characters.

Clash of Clans Giant Levels -CoC Hack
Clash of Clans Giant Levels -CoC Hack


COC Giant War Strategy

Giants are very powerful and strong and considered to be the game changers. They are very useful in clearing bases. They can blow away the defensive buildings in few blows. They are very useful in clearing bases easily upto town hall 7. After that they need support of other troops such as COC Healers to safeguard themselves from heavy attack of defensive buildings.

They can be the best at attack with the team COC Wall Breakers and Army of Archers COC. They are best ones to take into CoC  Clan Wars upto Th 7.


Giant COC Defensive Strategy

Giants have very high defensive power. It can withstand mighty blows. They are one of the best Clash of Clans Characters to be placed in the Clan Castle during the COC Clan War. They can destroy enemies easily. They are the  ones which are thrown away by the spring traps. This is the only bad thing that is expected to happened during the attack with the army of Giants and others.

Hope you have got enough info about CoC Giant. You should also meet the thieves of Clash of Clans ie Goblin CoC and the women warrior Clash of Clans Pekka.

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