How to Destroy Clash of Clans Crusher? -CoC Hack

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We all enjoy the clash of clans, Right? But All we hate Clash of Clans Crusher? Man, It seems hard to defeat it.  Many of my friends complained that they are experiencing a hard time in dealing with the CoC crusher. The crusher CoC is a defense unlocked at builder hall level 3.  Every few seconds, the crusher slam down, doing heavy damage to all ground units in its radius. It is also known as a new strong defense in builder case. I can say that crusher ice crusher is the most powerful defense when facing versus battles.  So here we are blending in to share a guide to deal with crusher better.


coc crusher


The crusher in Clash of Clans is the only splash damage defense in your builder until you unlock the multi mortar at builder hall, Level 5 and the damage it causes is exceedingly high.

If we run short on stats, it can damage 142 to 209, which is really a big damage.  If I talk about is the speed which is roughly 3.5 minutes, but do damage at first.  Because it’s not attacking every second, it’s actually doing over 700 damage per strike. So 3 strikes from the CoC crusher at a level of 5 and that level 10 giant are history.  So you might be thinking how to attack in a correct way? Right. We are all here to help you. We will tell you here different ways to deal with the crusher.  So let’s get into the whole thing right away.

How to defense against Clash of Clans Crusher?


1. Select your side



Being practical can help you in most cases, it is not compulsory to get 3 stars and even it is not realistic to think about it.  A solid 2-star attack can bring victory. So If you find crusher in a bad place then you can attack town hall from another side. Sometimes this trick works great to defeat crusher.



2. Snipe the Crusher


You can easily deal with crusher by snipping over a wall.  All you need a place to distract the defense around and by distracting, just send a few of your sneaky archers to take it away before the boxer Giants reach it.  But you should think of that if you are following this trick, then it is only possible if there is a wall in between troops and the crusher.  Also, don’t bother if the boxer giant starts hitting on the wall for a while, it can help you sneaky archers to bring down the crusher.


Clash of Clans Crusher CoC



Don’t become frustrated while playing, since defeating Crusher is something which you will learn with time only.  So give some time and after a certain time, you will definitely learn skills to fight down the crusher while playing.  We should always use smart tricks while playing, sooner or later you will find out all the tricks to the defeat crusher for sure.

Also, don’t worry if you failed in attacking since it needs a hell lot of skills and efforts to defeat crusher.  We should never underestimate crusher, but yes, we should never yield up in various battles.

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