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The Witch is a powerful troop that can summon dead warriors from past battles (Skeletons).

In the Japanese tongue, the Witch is called “Necromancer” (Necromancy is a form of magic involving communication with the). When summoning Skeletons, the Witch glows green and raises her sceptre.

Details of Clash of Clans Witch

  • Witches attack with green fireballs.
  • Dark Barracks Required: Level 5
  • Training Time: 10 minutes
  • Supply Cost: 12
  • Preferred Target: Any
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Witch summon skeletons every 6 seconds
  • Level 1 summons 3 skeletons at a time; maximum 6
  • Level 2 summons 4 skeletons at a time; maximum 8
  • Level 3 summons 5 skeletons at a time; maximum 10
  • Unlocked at Town Hall 9
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • The Witch wears a raggedy purple cape and holds a staff with a goat’s skull.
  • Witches have no favourite target.
  • The Witch has the fastest attack speed of any troop
  • Skeleton:
  • Damage per sec = 25
  • Damage type = Single Target
  • Favourite target = Any
  • Hit points = 45
  • Movement speed = 24
  • Targets = Ground
  • The Witch has almost the same amount of health as a Wizard of similar level.
  • On the battleground, you can clone an extra 4 Witches with two max level Clone Spells.


Clash of Clans Witch Levels


Level Damage per Second Healing per Pulse Hit-points Training Cost Elixir Research Cost Elixir Laboratory Level Required Research Time


1 25 17.5 75 250 N/A N/A N/A
2 30 21 100 350 75 000 7 10
3 35 24.5 125 450 1 60 000 9 14


  • At levels 1 and 2, The Witch has short purple hair and pink eyes. She wears two golden shoulder pieces, a golden belt, two gold bracelets, and a raggedy skirt.
  • At level 3, the Witch gains golden rings and headdress.


Attack Strategy of Witch CoC

  • You can use witch as a support troop.
  • Never deploy Witches at a single place.
  • Witches can be used in a number of strategies.
    GoWiWi – Golem Wizard Witch
    GoPeWiWi – Golem Pekka Wizard Witch
  • Best strategy to use witches is using Golems as distractions, with a few Wall Breakers shortly after then deploying 10-13 Witches.
  • They can destroy most base designs if supported by spells.


Defense Strategy of CoC Witch

  • You can use witches in your clan castle witch Valkyrie, balloon or wizard.
  • Place Spring Traps in between Defensive Buildings; good placement of multiple Spring Traps can remove few witches.
  • A good strategy to kill witches is to place giant bombs or traps in between two defences.

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