Clash of Clans Archers Attack Guide- COC Hack

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After talking about the awesome Barbarians of Clash of Clans, we are about to know more about the first range unit of coc game which are the COC Archers. These are also the first to be unlocked from the Barrack Troops. Archers are one of the most important COC Troops in attacking the opponent.


Appearance of Clash of Clans Archers

Talking about their appearance. Clash of Clans Archers are women warriors who has the most adorable personality in Clash of the clans game. Archer COC is wears a short dress with a belt. She has a bow in her hand and arrows on the back. Archers of Clash of Clans are one of the most fragile coc characters of the game.

Clash of Clans Archer or COC Archers -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Archer

This was about the appearance of archers. Archers of COC are ranged units and can attack from a far off place. They can even attack from behind the walls to destroy the defensive buildings and storages. These are very helpful in destroying the small buildings like COC Builder Hut place in the corners.



Levels of COC Archers and Archer Tower

There are total of 7 COC Archer Level which are upgraded after these are experimented in the Laboratory. There are total of 13 levels of Archer Towers. After archer tower level 6 they become more and more fierce and destroys the enemy from front. The shape of archer towers keep on changing as they are upgraded to higher levels.

COC Clash of Clans Archer Levels
COC Clash of Clans Archer Levels

Defensive power of the archers coc is very low and these cannot resist upon the attacks. Clash of  Clans Archers are destroyed with a single blow. These are unlike Barbarian COC which have more defensive strength. If Archers Clash happens and enemy uses lightning spell, then they are destroyed in seconds.

COC Archers cannot be deployed in groups because if you do then single blow of COC Mortar will destroy them all. This can be a huge loss of your Clash of Clans Troops.

How Archers of COC Attack?


They are one of ranged troops of Clash of the Clans game and can attack from afar off place. They are best coc barracks troops to destroy the towers inside the walls. They follow the principle of first come first serve which means they attack whatever comes in their way first. Archers play an important role in destroying the troops that are hidden in the clan castle. The best strategy to finish the clan castle troops is to round them up in between and destroy. They are best to loot the storages of coc gold and coc elixir.

There is one attack strategy of Barbarian COC and COC Archers which are collectively known as Barcher COC. They have a very strong collective attack strategy. COC Barchers can be a deadly attack coc troops is used with utmost care.

COC Archers are the one who controls the clash of clans archer tower. It one of finest coc defensive building that has a long range can can destroy opponents to come in the clash of clans farming base. Level 6 archers are the awesome warriors which are capable of high level damage to the opposite clan.

Hope you understand about the Clash of Clans Archers. You must read the concept behind the Clash of Clans Builder.

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