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CoC Baby Dragons occupy 10 housing space aerial troops that have sufficient of the same characteristics of its adult version, the Dragon. That flies, breaths open fire after buildings and enemy soldiers, withstands a great offer of treatment but.. there is a significant big difference. If the Baby Monster is the sole air troop in the location it goes into this craze of rage and bargains 2X damage to all of its targets. This kind of might not exactly seen too significant due to the truth that they have to be the only aerial troop, therefore the Balloon (a common troop used with the adult Dragon) can not be used in duo with the Clash of Clans Baby Dragon. But.. They HAVE proven to by very helpful despite this awkward limitation. Baby Dragons are designed to be used as air support for your big ground and pound assault like the Gowipe or Govape.

A Baby dragon is a well-known frightening flying unit. This Fire Breathing Hatchling is shy around other air units, but leave it alone and it will throw a fit! This is amazing and one of the recently added elixir troops in Clash of Clans Game. You must also look at the other Clash of Clans Characters Guide.


Clash of Clans Baby Dragons or COC Baby Dragon -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Baby Dragons

Details of CoC Baby Dragon

  • It is the eleventh elixir troop unlocked in the Elixir Barracks after CoC Barbarians, Archers CoC…..
  • Baby Dragon can attack both ground and air units.
  • The fireballs of Baby Dragon shoots are similar to the shots fired by Lava Pups/Hounds.
  • When a Baby Dragon is enraged, a tiny lightning bolt appears over its top.
  • On the battleground, you can clone an extra 6 Baby Dragons with 2 maximum level Clone Spells.
  • Baby Dragon’s outline is oval, not dragon shaped.
  • They have no preferred target when attacking; They will simply attack the closest building to them.
  • Enlarged Bonus Damage: x2
  • Housing space: 10
  • Training Time: 10 minutes
  • Baby Dragon is one of the two troops to be transferred from Clash Royale.
  • Baby Dragon does short-range splash damage.

If you are new to Clash of Clans then learn the basics of Clash of Clans

Levels of Baby Dragon in Clash of Clans 

The Baby Dragon remains as it is in all other upgrade levels and is the lone troop in the game that doesn’t visually vary with upgrades.
Level appearance of Baby Dragons are same from 1-4.

Coc Clash of Clans Baby Dragon Levels
Clash of Clans Baby Dragon Levels


Atacking Strategy of Baby Dragon CoC

  • Baby Dragons are most influential on their own, as they become enraged dealing two times damage.
  • Baby Dragon has approximately half of the health and damage of Dragon.
  • They take half the space of Dragon; this makes them ideal as Clan Castle Troops.
  • A good distasteful strategy is even just mass Baby Dragon. Bring 3-4 Rage Spells and any other preferable spells like Heal or Haste.

Defensive Strategy of Baby Dragon Clash of Clans


Baby Dragons are superb Group Castle troops on protection. They take up 0.5 of the space of the Dragon and if your smart in support of use ground troops with them they will deal practically the same damage as a full Dragon! This kind of also leaves you a great deal of additional space for other premium CC soldiers. Remember that air and ground troops have recently been known to come away of the Clan Fortress at different times so a single CoC Hog Rider or Miner may well not move your Baby Dragon CoC away with the rest of the troops and because they only take up 10 housing space attacking clashers may forget the fact that there is another troop in the CC and commence their delicate episodes including the mass Hog strike (which is super prone to air attacks of any kind) Baby Dragons can become the most frequent CC troop changing that title that is certainly held by their full versions, the Dragon.

  1. The position of Air Defences plays a critical role against Baby Dragons. As they are quite dominant air Troops, and as such it can be hard to defend against them.
  2. As a flying unit, the Baby Dragon is completely protected from most ground troops, and his splash damage ability makes it a superb Clan Castle troop.



Level Damage per Second Healing per Pulse Hit-points Training Cost Elixir Research Cost Elixir Laboratory Level Required Research Time


1 75 75 1 200 15 000 N/A N/A N/A
2 85 85 1 300 16 000 6 000 000 7 10
3 95 95 1 400 17 000 7 000 000 8 12
4 105 105 1 500 18 000 8 000 000 9 14


Baby Dragons are the initial troops to come into play that showcase Super Cell’s dislike for the mass troop attacks. They have been known to Énergie any troop that players may use in large quantities to 3 star basics without the real strategic planning. If the Baby Dragons are being used in large organizations and with the right spell configuration they are strong enough to report stars on strong facets but for score a 3 star on a TH10 or higher will very likely be highly unlikely. This is a clear message to all clashers that its time to mix it up and build intelligent soldires that consist of a various array of different troops.

Overall the Baby Dragon is a wonderful troop for so many different applications from the reinforcement troop to the premiere CC troop but lets not forget on of their greatest items.


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