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Clash of Clans game has dominated the game charts and our finger touches during the past year as the world’s most admired mobile game.

The game has changed & it’s moving forward, now new features like clan war stats, clan perks, war win streak, etc which summarizes clan’s performance. Every clan wants & love to see Green war log & hate to lose as it leads to low participation because of scared clan members. So, all you need is a positive environment with a good clash of clans clan war attack strategy to reach a great level of war tactics and COC Hack will help you to know such amazing COC clan war strategies.

you should know about all Clash of Clans Characters before going into the battle.

The First thing to be considered before you start a clan war is Best Time, time that suits your player in terms of availability & time at which you think there are chances of a fair matchmaking.

So here is the Best Clash of Clans Clan War Strategy


1.Best Utilization of Clash of Clans Preparation Day

Clash of Clans Preparation Day -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Preparation Day -COC Hack

Make the best utilization of clash of clans preparation day by building best hybrid war base with the help of your clan members or copy it from your own farming base. You can see your coc clan war enemy’s base and construct according to that. There are lot of useful stuff like different attack strategies, normal base layouts, war base layouts, etc. Also, keep some good war base layouts in Base Editor, to switch fast in case your opponent also has the same layout.

Use the new ‘FRIENDLY CHALLENGE’ of Clash of Clans feature & ask your clan mates to test your coc war base with different Troops Combination & make suitable modifications if needed. Take best defending coc troops in your War Map Clan Castle & always place it in the centre.

With good defence proper attacking strategy is also a part of a good game plan, use best strategies like GoWiWi, GoWiPe, GoLaLoonion, etc in order to get three stars.

GoWiWi stands for the army of COC Witch, Goblin COC and Clash of Clans Wizard.

GoWiPe stands for the army of COC Goblin, Wizard and COC Pekka.

GoLaLoonion refers to the army of Goblins, Lava hounds, Baloons and Minion COC.

Give base to every member for the 1st attack & then for the 2nd attack, plan your attacks accordingly. Base numbers should be allotted by the leader or by some experienced player depending upon members attacking style. Only allow coc clan war members to attack realistic targets!

2. Clan Wars Battle day

Clash of Clans Battle Day -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Battle Day -COC Hack

Time to execute your master plan and the best way to demoralise Enemy clan is by jumping out to a big lead, this often demoralizes the opposing clan in coc game. Always attack with a full army and have all Spells and Heroes with you. Prepare your army well and train your Archers COC and Clash of Clans Barbarians and other higher level troops.

Encourage each Clan Member to ‘Earn’ tag by planning & attacking well in coc clan war. Don’t be afraid to attack down if needed. In case you or someone fails in 1st or 2nd attack then don’t get disappointed, we all make mistakes, keep calm and learn from it.

Make best use of scout option to know the exact range of defensive building & see the replay if available, it will give you an idea about clan castle troops, bombs, hidden tesla & traps. One thing you must take care while setting up your war base is that you must place your clash of clans builder or coc builder huts in the


3. Some essential points for COC Clan War:

1. Keep Track of Success & Failure of members.
2. Do not take inactive members & Hoppers in war.
3. Make a feeder clan for inactive & rushed players.
4. Reward Success.
5. Take 1 or 2-day break between clash of clan wars.

If you are a frequently participate in Clan wars the you must rotate the clan members so that everyone can get chance to show them up in war and also other clan members can get chance to update their farming base.

I hope you have understood well about the clash of clans clan war strategy and this is the sole way to win each and every COC Clan War.

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