Clash of Clans is tasteless without Ferocious Dragon -CoC Hack

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The strength of the dragon CoC is known throughout the earth. This scaly terror of the skies feels no sympathy and nothing will escape the blazing splashes of his breath. This is my favorite Clash of Clans Troops after Clash of Clans Builder. 

The CoC Dragon is a frightening flying unit and with their nasty power, they demolish all small villages without mercy.


Clash of Clans Dragons or COC Dragon -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Dragons -CoC Hack

Specifications of Clash of Clans Dragon

  • You can unlock the Dragons once you have Barrack level 9.
  • Movement Speed: 16
  • Dragon is the 9th troop unlocked in the Elixir barracks after Barbarians , Archers COC, COC Wallbreakers,…….tags………………………
  • The first clasher to cross 4,000 trophies (Jorge Yao) used Dragon army. This is one of its only kind attck in COC history.
  • The Dragon is one of only two troops to have dissimilar appearances at every level.
  • The Dragon is one of the six air troops that never stop flapping their wings.
  • Their training time has been decreased from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Dragons have no favourite targets. They will simply attack the nearby building to them.


Dragon CoC Upgrade Differences

Clash of Clans Dragon -CoC Hack
Clash of Clans Dragon -CoC Hack


The Dragon undergoes major graphic changes at every level. Its appearance seems different at each level. Here is the description about the Clash of Clans Dragon Levels:

At Level 1 Dragons have green colored skin and black eyes.
At level 2, Dragon’s skin turns from green to purple,
At level 3, Dragon’s skin changes again to dark greyish brown.
At level 4, Dragon’s skin turns a deep red with flaming eyes.
At level 5, the Dragon’s skin turns into a brownish colour with golden horns near the back of its head and spikes on its back. Their wing also gets larger.

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Attack Strategy of CoC Dragon 

  • Most Dragon strategies grip taking out as many Air Defenses as possible with other units like hogs, queen or with Lightning Spells.
  • Dragon + Balloon CoC are the perfect couple, a powerful, but costly, strategy. In this Dragons are used as a shield while Balloons target the defence.
  • Which spells to bring ultimately depend on the layout & plan to destroy every Air Defense, whether that involves extra Balloons, hogs, Lightning Spells, Healing Spells, haste spells or Rage Spells.
  • Dragons are mostly used to get stars in the clan war.
  • When using mass Dragon raids one should be careful of Buildings placed in corners because their speed is slow.
    To prevent this, attackers should use some Coc Barbarians or Archers to take out buildings in the corners.


Defensive Strategy of Dragon Clash of Clans

  • Dragons are one of the most dominant Troops in the game, and as such it can be difficult to shield against them. Multiple high-level Air Defenses play a vital role for success against Dragons.
  • Keeping your Air Defenses in Triangular pattern while protecting them with Storages and other high hit point structures is also an important part of your war base design strategy.
  • If the Air Defenses are too close then a single Rage Spell applied to a group of Dragons can quickly destroy all three.
  • Dragons are superb Clan Castle Troops. As an air unit, the Dragon is totally protected against attacks from most ground troops.
  • His high health also helps him to survive attacks from even several Archers or Wizards.


Hope you have enjoyed reading about the deadly Clash of Clans Dragon in CoC Hack.


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