You Cannot Get Better than this Eagle Artillery Defense

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The Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery is your premium weapon of TH11. It has several specific rules that it must follow during the attack that is unlike some other defensive building in Clash of Clans. The reason for these “rules” is due to the fact that it must be an frustrating weapon of incredible durability. 1st off its best to think of the Eagle Artillery CoC commonly close as simple CoC Eagle Artillery, as a larger and much more powerful Mortar. Merely like the Mortar it has a very gradual rate of fire and there is an accumulation of destructive power in between shots. Also like the Mortar there exists a safe zone once troops get near the EA. That is a ranged system and cannot shoot at troops once they get inside 6 tiles of the EA. Finally the Eagle Artilery Clash of Clans must wait until there is a least of 150 troops located onto the map before it can commence their 1st firing sequence. Allow briefly look at all of these points with a little greater detail.

All about Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery

Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery

The Eagle Artillery in Clash of Clans or STRYGE is not available until TH 11, it only has one upgrade to become maxed as of 8/22/16. Its also extremely expensive to max out at a whopping 10, 500, 000 gold! Is it doesn’t most significant defense in the game taking on a 4×4 ceramic tile area. Although these are impressive stats they are not the reason why the CoC Eagle Artillery is the top defense in the game. The EA symbolizes unbelievable power and endless range. Those that developed this weapon knew that that they had to be careful with the EA and not allow one security to unbalance the sport which would cause chaos in the top tier of players in the game (that are also the ones that have the most hard work invested in the game) so they decided to set a delay on the extremely weapon and allow players to deploy 149 soldiers without triggering the APP into their firing series.

Strategy to use Eagle Artillery CoC

This would also encourage players to become more creative in their problems and stop using the mass troop raids that the developers of Conflict have often voice highly against. Advanced players make an effort to enter in the bases walls throughout the opening stages of the raid and neutralize the Eagle Artillery in CoC with under150 soldiers before it ever requires the 1st shot. Spear like Kill Squads and the use of the “walk” which are different soldiers under several Healers have dominated TH 11 gameplay, all of which is a concentrated effort to access the Eagle and take it down before they commence their raid. The Grand Warden’s ability the Endless Tome has also recently been , the burkha tactic to get to the EA with their army intact.

Levels of Eagle Artillery

Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery Levels CoC


Placement of CoC Eagle Artillery

Intentionally positioning the Eagle Artilery on your base is a key to success. TH 11 attackers are the most experienced in the game on both at the rear of the plate or reaching, this is very apparent with the EA placement. Within a raid, especially a Tribe War attack where you know there will be maxed CC troops inside the TH11 Clan Castles, the attacker will placed objectives for the army. Common objectives will almost always be the Archer Queen and the CC troops including TH11 the Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery must be considered a primary target as well. This will press the value of managing the Inferno Towers back a notch to 4th on the list. Fifth would be whatever defenses are the most impactful on the particular attack.

CoC Eagle Artillery

Pertaining to example an air army would have to prioritize air Defenses while surface bases attacks are heading to try to result in Giant Bombs and other imposing ground defenses. Centering on how attacker prioritize their objectives good TH 11 base builders will split the Clan Castle, the Archer Queen and the Eagle Artillery to make it as hard as possible to take away several objectives with the minimal troops used in their Kill Squad. Opponent will have to select from destroying the Clan Castle troops or destroying the Eagle Artillery and then try to manage the attack with extremely strong defenses (or troops) on the map at the outset of the key stages of their problems. So in short, independent the top defenses as much as possible! Make the attacker choose between the Eagle Artillery CoC of the CLOSED CIRCUIT troops, do not let them to get to both using their Kill Team!

Offensive Strategy to use Eagle Artillery Clash of Clans

Eagle Artillery in Clash of Clans

About offense there are so many factors to consider after getting reached the TH11 stages of the game. Maxed troops, maxed defense and maxed Heroes are always going to be lurking on the TH11 bases so its time to fully stop considering about what your heading to do throughout the harm while your Inside the attack and start planning the actual attack from commence to finish before the STRIKE button is ever constrained. Elite attackers have a plan for each and every every protecting building on the map and the best opponents have 2nd, 3rd and even a 4th option in case things go catastrophically wrong. If you are in a family with several TH11s along side of you, everyone should have at least 1 popular base build simply to practice on. Practice applying for the Eagle Artillery without triggering it at all. Should you practice this enough and also understand the way to get this done your attacks will be so much easier and your success rate will be better as well.

In this article are some key factors when considering the Skull cap Artillery on either the offensive or defensive aspect.
CoC Eagle Artillery targets “hot Spots” on the map. This is the are with the greatest concentration of troops.
the Eagle Artillery CoC will X3 harm to the Golem and will usually concentrate on the Golem unless there is another area with a multitude of troops close together.
The EA commences its first firing pattern at 150 troop matter. Once 150 housing areas of troops are used the EA will become active and stay energetic until the raid is now over or it becomes a pile of Eagle Artillery trash. The Eagle Artillery Clash of Clans will continue to fire regardless of the troop count once it becomes engaged.
The Heroes count as twenty-five troops regardless of their actual level, if the Hero gets additional soldiers as part of their ability, those troops do NOT count on the total housing space of allowed troops on the map before engaging.
The witch’s skeletons do not count number towards the 150 casing space of troops either all spells are worthwhile 5 housing space of troops regardless or their type or level use your queen’s ability early on if she becomes low on Hit Points. A final second ability will usually cause her fatality despite being invisible the use of the Skeletal frame Spell on an separated Eagle Artillery Defense is a fantastic strategy because they are inside the Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery safe zone and it will not be able to defend itself.

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