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All About Clash of Clans Giant Cannons

The Giant Cannon is a defensive building in the builder base that unlocks at builder hall level 7. The giant cannon is only targeted defense that can shoot a forever traveling cannonball which is able to hit multiple troops and knocks them back. Giant Cannons have a low fire rate but still, can deal with moderate damage per strike. Since I have found out some tricks and tips from the years of experience in playing clash of clans, I would love to share a guide to defense and offense strategy to all of you. So let me explain you the whole defense and offense strategy with all of you.

Clash of Clans Giant Cannon
Clash of Clans Giant Cannon

How to create Defense strategy with CoC Giant Cannon

  • Since we totally know that the giant cannon is 9 tiles, its cannonball has the ability to hit targets much further away than that.
  • You also can adopt a strategy to put a giant behind other buildings to assist their defense. It has the capacity to blast all the units in a row. This works for Raged Barbarian sort of strategy where players swarm in their Raged Barbarians into the floor.
  • The giant Cannon has a great capacity to deal damage to both a tank and their support troops as far as they are lined up.
  • The giant Cannon has huge capacity to with the damage to the battle machine

How to create offensive Strategy with Giant Cannon CoC

Giant Cannon Clash of Clans
Giant Cannon Clash of Clans
  • You can try spreading out your troops so they are not in a line or in case the giant Cannon is in range your troops are likely to fail.
  • You also can try to use the slow fire rate to add advantage by baiting it to shoot small troops then swarming it with other troops before it can shoot again. You can apply this trick only if you don’t have tanks to take it out and also if the giant Cannon is not protected by the crusher.
  • You all know boxer giant, It is a very nice tank against a giant cannon.  It has hit points and has the capability to survive many hits from the giant cannon.


Upgrade Differences and Clash of Clans Giant Cannon Levels CoC 

Clash of Clans Giant Cannon Levels CoC
Clash of Clans Giant Cannon Levels CoC
  • At level 1, the giant Cannon looks like a cannon on a wooden platform tied with ropes.
  • At level 2, the ropes become obsolete, The Cannon also looks more sturdy.
  • At level 3, the metal pieces are added on the back of Cannon.
  • At level 4, the metal pieces change its color into a bronze color.
  • At level 5, the cannon gets bigger and take shape of octagon, also the added metal become obsolete.
  • At level 6, the back and front of giant cannon changes its color to gold
  • At level 7, the metal inside and out turns darker.



We all face difficulty at a level of this game. So to overcome all your enemies, you have to just keep learning and learning. You can examine these strategies, but if really want to win this game, then you have to keep trying new techniques every time. It will help you learn new tricks and tips related to this game.

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