Clash of Clans Golem Attack Strategy -CoC Hack

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Slow but durable. The Golem very much resembles “the Thing” from Fantastic Four.

When destroyed, explosively splits into two Golemites and deals area damage!

Details of Clash of Clans Golem

    • Golem is unlocked at level 4 Dark Barracks.
    • Golem is 4th troop after Minion, Hog Rider & Valkyrie.
    • Golem is the most expensive Dark Elixir troop.
    • Movement Speed: 12
    • Training Time: 15 minutes.
    • Targets: Ground.
    • Supply Cost: 30.
    • Laboratory level required: 7
    • Dark Barracks Required: Level 4
    • Golems are extremely powerful tanking units
    • When destroyed Golem split into two smaller Golemites.
    • Golemites have 1/5TH  the Golem’s strength and hit points.
    • The Golem do splash damage when destroyed.


  • Golems prioritize defensive structures.       


Clash of Clans Golem Levels

Level Damage per


Damage per


Damage Upon


Hit-points Training Cost Research Cost Laboratory Level




1 38 91.2 350 4 500 450 N/A N/A N/A
2 42 100.8 400 5 000 525 60 000 6 10
3 46 110.4 450 5 500 600 70 000 7 12
4 50 120 500 6 000 675 80 000 7 14
5 54 129.6 550 6 300 750 90 000 8 14
  • At level 1-2, the Golem is a light gray shaded, elixir collared eyes with a slight glow.
  • At level 3-4, the Golem’s rocky exterior changes from a light gray to a darker gray shade. Eyes become darker purple with a slightly more glow.
  • At level 5, the Golem gains purple, crystalline spikes and his entire body gain a purple/gray colour.

Attack Strategy of Golem CoC

  • Best way to use Golem is to deploy them first so that they can engage all splash damage defences and back them with high damage dealing troops, like Wizards or Witches.
  • Golems aren’t affected by Spring Traps.
  • On the battleground, you can clone an extra 2 Golems with two max level Clone Spells.
  • Golemites are affected by Spring Traps.
  • Golems are the backbone of most powerful attacks. In GoWiPe use 1-3 Golems, Pekkas with rage spells and wizards as back up troops.
  • Use freeze spells or Destroy the Inferno Tower on Single Target Mode as quickly as possible. If not, they will wipe out your Golems.

Defensive Strategy of CoC Golem

Golems are very high-health units and distract attacking troops very effectively for a significant amount of time so make sure that they are in the range of your defences.

You can use Golems in Clan Castles with a wizard or a balloon, they will make good distractions.

Design you base in such a way that high powered defence buildings on the inside and lower powered defence buildings on the outside, with a layer of resources in between.

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