Clash of Clans Guard Post – CoC Hack

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All About Clash of Clans Guard Post

Guard Post CoC
Guard Post CoC

The clash of Clans guard post unlocked at builder hall level 4. The Guard post houses defensive troops, It looks like Clan Castle in Home village. As we have played in clan castle, unlike clan castle, we can’t choose which troops are placed inside the guard post. However, the troops stationed there are lasting. In case they hit down in battle, they will reappear in the next battle with full health as if nothing happened, and there is no need to train additional troops to replace the lost troops. The post can only host Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer.


How I have created Offensive Strategy for Guard Post CoC

  1. The Troops which don’t possess a preferred target will turn into target guard post troops even at the time attacking another building.
  2. Since you know that air units can’t target You also can use Air Units like Baby Dragons to take out the Raged Barbarians of the guard post
  3. The bomber Splash damage allows them to put down any guard post troops with a few shots along with other buildings and walls.
  4. If you are using Sneaky Archers, then please keep this thing in mind that always destroy the guard post troops or attack from far off, because the sneaky archers will not distract the guard post troops and follow them instead.  
  5. Raged Barbarians are very good at killing guard post troops as they are expendable units that are so fats and also have the capacity to attract guard post troops.

How to create a Defensive Strategy with CoC Guard Post

CoC Guard Post
CoC Guard Post
  1. In order to create a defensive strategy, you have to create a strategy which can make you win. So here I am sharing a guide to create a defensive strategy.
  2. If you want to distract enemies than you can place guard post near defensive buildings. As we know that giving defense create more time for damage. So the possibilities are that they can snipe away at building targeting troops like the boxer giant.
  3. The guard post is capable of protecting outer buildings which are out of range of other defensive buildings.So you can protect your outer buildings.
  4. You also can use the guard post to tank the power punch of the boxer giant as we totally know that the building itself can’t defend.
  5. We all know that most troops will attack the guard post troops if attacked by them, you can create a strategy by using the guard post troops to lure them into the range of powerful defense like The Crusher.


Upgrade Differences and Clash of Clans Guard Post CoC Levels

Clash of Clans Guard Post CoC Levels
Clash of Clans Guard Post CoC Levels
  • At level 1, the guard post looks like a small hut with blue roop along with wooden support. A sword also sits on the top of the roof.
  • At level 2, the fireplace turns into a cooking pot
  • At level 3, two crossing sword added on the top of the roof and the support is now bolted by metal nails
  • At level 4, the post is now a little taller with blue stairs leading up to the opening.
  • At level 5, the stairs become stone
  • At level 6, the cooking pot become a stone firepit attached to the main building.

Hope you have learned a lot about the Clash of Clans Guard Post in CoC Hack and hope you will make the best use of this to guard your builder base.

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