Healing Angel of Clash of Clans “Healer” -CoC Hack

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The Healer is a splendid creature lives to protect and aid her fellow COC troops. Any army is improved with her healing support, but make sure to keep her away from air defences! This troop is unlocked after Clash of Clans Wizard. This is one of the important Elixir troops in the CoC Game.

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In the Chinese language, Healer is known as “Angel”.

Clash of Clans Healers or COC Healer -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Healers -CoC Hack

Details of  Clash of Clans Healer

  • Healer is the only troop with no attacking/defending capability, but can heal any ground Troops, except when she is protecting as a Clan Castle.
  • Training time: 10 minutes
  • Barracks Required: Level 8
  • Housing space: 14
  • Preferred Target: Any
  • Movement Speed: 16
  • Targets: Ground
  • When the Healer is deployed, an animated circular aura emerges around her.
  • If all units have full health, she will start healing the closest troops.
  • On the battleground, you can clone an additional 4 Healers with two max Clone Spells.
  • Healers will not heal flying units, unlike a Healing Spell which heals every variety of troops.
  • Troops being under fire by the Inferno Tower are unable to receive healing.
  • Healers will heal Heroes at a decreased rate of only 50% of her normal healing rate
  • Healers cannot defend themselves. If they have nothing to heal, they will simply remain still even if they are taking damage.
  • Healers are measured in (HPS): Heal per second.
  • The Healer is the 8th troop unlocked by the elixir Barracks after Barbarians, Archers, CoC Giant, CoC Wall Breakers…….


Upgrade Differences & Levels of CoC Healer

Initially, Healer has white angelic wings with short, white hair. She wears a golden dress.

  • Their look stays the same at level 1 & 2.
  • At level 3, the color of her aura and dress turn from light yellow to a bright purple-pink.


Clash of Clans Healer Levels -CoC Hack
Clash of Clans Healer Levels -CoC Hack


Here is an amazing table that describes about this amazing CoC Characters:

Level Healing/ Second Healing/ Pulse Hit-points Training Cost Elixir Research Cost Elixir Laboratory Level Research Time (Days)
1 35 24.5 500 5 000 N/A N/A N/A
2 42 29.4 600 6 000 7 50 000 5 3
3 55 38.05 840 8 000 1 5 00 000 6 5
4 71 49.7 1 176 10 000 3 0 00 000 7 7


Healer CoC Attack Strategy

  • Before deploying Healers make sure they are not in range of Air defence or destroy or capture the Air Defences first.
  • Nowadays “Queen Walk” is quite popular, in this strategy Archer Queen is healed by 3-4 healers.
  • You can destroy Air Defences by using 5-6 Hogs if they are in the outer layer of base.
  • You can heal a Healer with a Healing Spell.
  • You can use Rage Spells to increase her HPS.
  • The effect of stacking many Healers to heal the similar target is reduced so it is not advised to use too many Healers on the similar target as the healing efficiency will reduce if they are massed on one target.


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CoC Healer Defensive Strategy

  • Healers do not trigger any kind of Traps.
  • Takes up a lot of housing space.
  • To save your village from Healer-Giant Strategy, upgrade and guard your Air Defence as much as possible.
  • Put your Air Defence in Triangular Pattern inside the base to prevent ground troops like Giants from destroying it swiftly.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about your Clash of Clans Angel ie CoC Healer.

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