New Elixir Troop in Clash of Clans “Miner” -CoC Hack

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The Miner CoC is a blue shirted man with a brown bag. He wears greyish silver hat with a lighted, melting candle on it. CoC Miner is one of the really amazing CoC Characters.

The Miner can tunnel his way underground and pop up right next to their targets. It’s not magic, it’s a shovel. It is a new updated elixir troops of Clash of Clans Game and is released after CoC Baby Dragon

Clash of Clans Miners or COC Minor -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Miner


Summary of Clash of Clans Miner 

    • The Miner is 12th and the last troop unlocked in the elixir Barracks after Barbarians CoC, Clash of Clans Archers,………………….
    • On the battleground, you can clone an extra 14 Miners with 2 maximum level Clone Spells.
    • The look of the Miner is similar to that of a Builder.
    • The Miner is one of ground troops that are skilled to bypass walls without a Jump Spell (others are Hog Rider and Grand Warden).
    • The Miner is one of the two troops to be transferred from Clash Royale.

Miners have no favourite target when attacking; They follow the principle of first come first serve in the CoC Clan War. They will just attack the nearby building to them.


Levels of Miner CoC

Clash of Clans Miner Levels -CoC Hack
Clash of Clans Miner Levels -CoC Hack

The icon and picture of the Miner demonstrate him wearing a blue shirt.
Though, once trained, he is wearing a red shirt.

At level 1 and 2, the Miner’s shovel is finished of silver collared metal.
At level 3 and 4, the Miner’s shovel’s colour changes from silver to gold.


Level Damage per Second Healing per Pulse Hit-points Training Cost Elixir Research Cost Elixir Laboratory Level Required Research Time


1 80 136 500 4 200 N/A N/A N/A
2 88 149.6 550 4 800 75 00 000 8 10
3 96 163.2 600 5 400 85 00 000 9 12
4 104 176.8 650 6 000 95 00 000 9 14


Attacking Strategy of CoC Miner

  • The Miner is invincible when underground.
  • Miner’s can be used lure out Clan Castle troops.
  • They can also be used as a small diversion.
  • The Miner cannot be positioned anywhere on the map like in the Clash Royale game.
  • But it must be deployed outside the red area like any other unit.

Beginners can start with Clash of Clans Beginners Guide


Defensive Strategy of Miner of Clash of Clans 

  • This troop is admirable on defence because it goes underground, while your troops are in the battle, the Miner will come out of nowhere, getting some hits while they are hitting the other defending troops.
  • It can be really hard to kill him, as you can only kill it on ground.


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