Clash of Clans Multi Mortar in Builder Base

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The multi Mortar is a defense unlocked at builder hall level 5. Although It has no capability to shoot air units, it hits a splash damaging mortar shell at ground units. The multi mortar shells do medium damage altogether but do very less damage by themselves. The multi mortar has a huge range, but they are not able to hit troops to shut it. We heard from a lot of you guys that you want tricks and techniques to play. So we are sharing some defensive and offensive strategy. So that you can play and defense in an effectual manner.

How to create defensive strategy against Multi Mortar CoC?

You have to place multi mortar at the center of the base so that you can cover as much area you can. This will likewise help you against troops from getting close to it. You also can use multi mortars inability to hit your nearby units, it will add an advantage. Because multi mortar will target support units like the sneaky archers, cannon carts and night witches following behind the tanks and also deal with them so it cannot cause much damage.


Clash of Clans Multi Mortar


Place the crusher near as it is another area damage defense that can deal high damage, As we know multi mortar is unable to hit nearby troops. We also know that multi mortar has extremely short range, so the crusher cannot extend the blind spot of multi mortar.  It is likewise not able to do air attacks, so keep this thing in your head when you are building a layout.


How to create offense strategy against Clash of Clans Multi Mortar?

When you are creating offense strategy, then you can test out a few things which can help you in hitting your goal. You can use air units because the multi mortar is not capable to hit them.  When you swarm your base, you can use tanks like boxer giants or the battle machine to distract the multi mortar and also keep care that boxer giants and battle machine do not enter at the blind bit of multi mortar, if they entered than they can retrofit. So play safe.

  • You also can try to stay near the multi mortar because it won’t be able to attack troops close to it.
  • You can try spreading out your troops, it is very tricky as the mortar can’t attack all the troops at a single time.


Upgrade differences of Multi Mortar Clash of Clans

  • At level 1, The multi mortar appears to be three barrels tied together secured by ropes.
  • At level 2, There will be four barrels tied together by rope, and the base elevates little bit and losses its ropes.
  • At level 3, the base gets one more layer of backup and the barrels are now tied together with metal.


CoC Multi Mortar Level 3


  • At level 4, The corners of the base are now fixed by copper metal. Also, the barrels become little larger and tubing becomes thinner.
  • At level 5, the corner is directly secured by a gray metal and a metallic base. The copper ring becomes golden ring.
  • At level 6, the nails on the corners get replaced with metal handles.
  • At level 7, the handles become a golden color instead of silver along with the sides also turn golden

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