Things You Should Know About Clash of Clans Roaster -CoC Hack

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All About clash of clans Roaster


Clash of Clans Roaster
Clash of Clans Roaster

There is no reason not to love clash of clans. We all love it unconditionally. Since you are here for clash of clans roaster, i really like roaster personally.  So I actually like learning hacks and tricks. When I reached to level 6 then I have created some of my defense and offense strategy.  When i talk about  defense, I have tried many tricks while playing clash of clans, So today I am starting to share a guide for clash of clans roaster to all of you.

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What is Roaster in clash of clans?

The roaster is a defensive construction in the builder base that is unlocked at builder hall level 6. It shoots plasma at its enemies and also does moderate damage over time. It can be take in both air and ground troops.

How to create defence strategy for CoC Roaster?


CoC Roaster in Action
CoC Roaster in Action


Roaster is best for night witch and bats. Its splash damaging attack makes it able to take out many bats.  We all know that The roaster has short range, hence if you place it one side of builder hall, then it can not prevent sneaky archers from destroying the builder hall from the other side.

Ways to create offense Strategy for Roaster CoC

You also should try putting units with a lot of hitpoints in front of support units with less hit points. This will distract it from shooting the support units. You also can attempt to scatter the troops so that it does not hit every troop at once.

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Upgrade differences & Levels in Roaster Clash of Clans


Roaster CoC Levels
Roaster CoC Levels


It also go under significant visual changes at most of its levels, But most importantly on level 3.

  • At level 1, the roaster has an appearance of a metal vessel secured by wooden planks and rope. The spout looks glowing red and has fire coming from it.
  • At level 2, The ropes are put back by additional planks on the base.
  • At level 3,the wooden frame goes away by replacing two fences and outside turns orange. A heptagon is also added to the elevation.
  • At level 4, The lower part of vessel goes red and a ladder leading to the muzzle of the vessel.
  • At level 5, The fences turns into the stone rim and the heptagon at the top change its color to yellow.
  • At level 6, The stone rim gets another layer and ladder turn into metal.


We all learn with experiences and failures, same goes with this roaster.  So gradually you will learn the hacks and techniques to overcome.  If you are not able to play it right, don’t worry, Sooner or later, you will find out for sure

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