Boom Boom! Clash of Clans Wall Breaker -CoC Hack

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Clash of Clans Wall Breakers are fragile suicide bombers who blow themselves happily in order to make way for your ground troops. Bang Bang Bang! They are the best friends of the Ground troops as they make way for the armies of Clash of Clans Giant and Barbarians COC.

Their appearance is that of a tiny skeleton with a large bomb that wears a brown Pilot aviator hat and has a small scar across its right eye socket. In the Chinese language, the Wall Breaker is known as “Bomber man”. I love these suicidal Clash of Clans Characters.

Clash of Clans Wall Breaker or COC Wall Breakers -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Wall Breaker


Detailed Appearance of CoC Wall Breaker

  • Wall Breaker is the 5th troop in level 5 Elixir Barracks.
  • You can clone an additional 34 Wall Breakers with 2 fully upgraded Clone Spells.
  • They  are not affected by the Jumping Spell
  • Wall Breaker attacks by locating the nearby protected building with splash damage around its target.
  • Movement Speed: 24
  • Targets: Ground (area splash)
  • Preferred Target: Walls (40x Damage)
  • Wall Breakers take up 2 spaces in Army Camp.
  • Wall Breakers put Walls above all other targets on their priority list
  • If all Walls are destroyed, they become like any other troops with no favourite target and will attack the nearest building.


Clash of Clans Wall Breaker Levels

At level 3, Change in the size of the bomb, from small to large.
At level 5, bomb turns into golden colour.
At level 6, Shape of the bomb changes from normal to barrel of explosive.


Clash of Clans Wall Breaker -CoC Hack
Clash of Clans Wall Breaker Levels -CoC Hack


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Offensive Strategy of Clash of Clans Wall Breakers

  • Wall Breakers blast Walls faster than any other troops in Clash of Clans and make way for other ground troops such as Clash of Clans Golem, Pekka CoC, etc to enter inside the opponent’s base.
  • Wall Breakers cost is right according to the role they perform.
  • Heavy Troops like Golem, Giants COC or sometimes barbarians COC should be placed first to divert the nearby defensive structures.
  • Wall Breakers can be very effective if you deployed them in pairs at a time.
  • Once Wall Breakers have shattered a protecting Wall, the left behind Wall Breakers will proceed to destroy the shielding inner Walls.
  • Wall Breakers are of health so use them wisely.
  • Sometimes you can use wall breakers with rage in order to blow high level walls. They can break level 10 Walls in one shot.
  • Wall Breakers are not fooled by decoy Walls.
  • Note that Wall Breakers will not target solo Wall. There need to be at least three attached Walls for a Wall Breaker to target it, and it must be defending a building fully or partially.
  • Having dual layers of Walls is ineffective vs. Wall Breakers and they will destroy both layers of Walls.

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CoC Wall Breakers Defensive Strategy  

  • Wall Breakers are not suggested to have in Clan Castles since they have to blow themselves up to destroy the rival’s troop which makes it a bad Troop to be donated for defensive purposes
  • They also do very small damage.

We hope after reading this  detailed information about Clash of Clans Wall Breakers, you can use them in the best way you can.

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