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We hope you have enjoyed reading magnificent things about Clash of Clans Balloon.

Wizard is a magnificent troop that wears a hooded cloak, a leather belt with a golden buckle. He will blow you away with his handsomeness…. He is a medium ranged troop with both fair hit points and damage. He does splash damage and is very effective at higher levels. The only thing with these is the low defensive power of them.

Clash of Clans Wizards or COC Wizard -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Wizards -CoC Hack

Details of Clash of Clans Wizard

Here are some of the important details of the amazing Wizard CoC which will help you to understand this one of the classy Clash of Clans Troops better in the war field.

  • The Wizard is the second unit to attack both in ground and air after CoC Archer.
  • Wizard shoots fireballs that do high damage, but have low hit points and can easily be killed by defences.
  • Wizards are alike to Archers both in range and style of attack.
  • Training Time: 5 minutes
  • Supply Cost:  4
  • Movement Speed: 16
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Preferred Target: Any
  • Barracks Required: Level 7
  • Wizards are mostly used in large groups as a backup army.
  • Wizards have no favourite target when attacking; They will hit the closest building to them. Though once they become alerted of enemy Clan Castle troops, Heroes or Skeleton Traps skeletons they will engage the enemy troops instead and after defeating them they will proceed to attack the nearby building from their current location.


Clash of Clans Wizard Levels

At level 3 – 4, the Wizard’s cloak change from light blue to purple & boots become dazzling purple. His tunic also changes into the purple colour.

At level 5, the Wizard’s cloak changes into shady blue. His boots & Tunic become purplish in colour from black.

At level 6, the Wizard’s cloak & boots change into red-violet colour, belt buckle into orange and shade of yellow in eyes. Most important fireballs change into a blazing orange shade.

Clash of Clans Wizard Levels -CoC Hack
Clash of Clans Wizard Levels -CoC Hack

You must know your friend Clash of Clash Builder and the Blonde warrior Barbarian CoC.

Attacking Strategy of CoC Wizard

  • Wizards have fairly enough health to survive a few splash damage attacks, but point defences can cause a great problem.
  • Pair Wizards with some of his fellows like Clash of Clans Giants, Golems CoC etc as a meat shield and cast concentrated blasts of demolition on anything.
  • You can also use them from with Giants supported by CoC Healers from behind, but don’t forget to dent air defences first.
  • Their capability to attack over Walls makes them very valuable for attacking from the outside of Walls.
  • Wizards are astonishing at clearing out a rival’s Clan Castle Troops because of their ability to do splash damage allows them to kill a lot of units at once.
  • Although Wizards do incredible damage but they are very vulnerable to Giant Bombs and Spring Traps spread them and don’t deploy them in one place straight away.
  • Wizards are great funnelling troops for high level strategies involving Golems, CoC Pekka, Witch, etc.


Defensive Strategy of Wizard CoC

  • Wizards are superb defensive Troops, as they can attack both in air & ground.
  • Their speed makes it difficult for others to be lured away.
  • Wizards can completely wipe out Hog and Giant hordes.
  • You can use Poison spells to kill them.

We hope now you are ready to use clash of Clans Wizard in a better way. Hope you have learnt the best way to take part in the CoC Clan War?

If you are still a beginner then you must have this Clash of Clans Beginners Guide.

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