COC Barbarian Attack Strategy with Clash of Clans Barbarians Guide

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COC Barbarians are hyperactive warriors in clash of the clans game. Barbarian Icon is the trademarked icon of Clash of Clans supercell. They presumed to actually existed in past. Barbarians COC are ferocious and committed to destroy everything that comes in their way.   

Clash of Clans Barbarian or COC Barbarians -COC Hack
Clash of Clans Barbarian



Clash of Clans Barbarians are the foremost COC troops that are unlocked. They occupy just a single space in the army camp and are trained with the minimum of coc elixir. It took a very little time to update barbarians. They need to be made strong by experimenting in the coc laboratory.


Barbarians love to attack in swarms. They are used in a spreaded manner so that they cannot be destroyed by the splash attack defenses like coc mortar and coc wizard tower.


They can be called clash of the clans test units as they are tested for checking the traps and coc troops deployed in corners or in the clan castle. They help you in saving the other high level strong coc troops from being destroyed.


COC Barbarian Levels: There are a total of 7 Barbarian levels which you can see in the image clearly. They look alike in the first two coc barbarian levels but after that they get a huge change in their looks as well as size. They become more and more powerful and ready to attack the clan war enemies. Level 5 barbarian and above these are deadly.


Clash of Clans or COC Barbarian Levels -COC Hack
COC Barbarian Levels


Barbarians coc are very useful in distracting the defenses so that other coc troops can easily attack and destroy the enemies. They are helpful in getting you 100% destruction and 3 stars. They are best at destroying clash of clans builders huts which might be placed in the corners to avoid enemies from getting 5 stars.


Barbarians are not sent alone they are accompanied with other coc troops like archers or Wizards COC so as to safeguard them from other units. This is due to the fact that the clash of clans barbarians have very less endurance powers and are killed very easily by the opponents.


Well I personally love this clash of clan character as he is determined and ready to kill the enemies at any cost. COC Barracks troops starts with the COC Barbarian and end up with the clash of clans miner with the following in the middle of them. Meet the middle fleet ie Archer COC, Goblin COC, Giant COC, Balloon COC, Wall Breaker COC, Dragon COC, Baby Dragon COC,Wizard COC, Healer COC, PEKKA COC, and Healers COC. Enjoy the battle clashers with these amazing Clash of Clans Troops.


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