Mega Tesla :: The Deadliest Defense Building in Clash of Clans Builder Base

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All About Clash of Clans Mega Tesla

If you are at builder hall level 8, then you will discover Mega Tesla.  So let me introduce Mega Tesla, it is a defensive construction in the builder base that is unlocked at builder hall level 8. It is the one and only single target defense which can deal with air and ground both the troops. The Mega Tesla has a low firing range but it shoots powerful jolts of electricity troops. Since it has low firing range, but it possesses the capacity to prevent distraction which adds an advantage to create a strategy.

Clash of Clans Mega Tesla

So here I am sharing my tricks with all of you, how I created my strategy and after years of experience, I am sharing this guide to all of you. Please share your experience on how you create your defense strategy on it. So without further discussion, Let’s dig into the whole thing.


Best Strategy to Use Mega Tesla

  • You can try placing it in the center to prevent distraction because it has moderate hit points and slow fire rate. So this strategy can work for you.
  • The Mega Tesla is very power counter to Boxer Giants and Baby Dragons as it has the capacity to do huge damage to both of them.
  • When you start attacking, please try to funnel swarm troops into distract it.
  • Do you know that the Mega Tesla can be countered by the drop ship as it leaves skeletons which will be able to distract it for a long time.
  • Please keep this thing in mind that you have to protect Mega Tesla with splash defenses as the Roaster and Multi Mortar to prevent it from getting swarm easily.


Upgrade Differences of Mega Tesla

Mega Tesla CoC

  • It undergoes significant visual changes at level 6,7 and 8
  • When initial build, it is composed of a pyramid type building with a golden tip along with many wooden support.
  • At the Level 2, the mega tesla gains a stone base and minor beams in between the supports.
  • At level 3, The ropes become obsolete and get replaced with wooden beams.
  • At level 4, The electricity storages become blue and digital beams replaces the other ones on the other side.
  • At level 5, A metal ring take place on the top of the original stone supports and the stone support turn into chairs.
  • At level 6, The metal crosses turn into wooden beams.
  • At level 7, the Mega Tesla gains blue support at the bottom of golden tip.
  • At level 8, the blue supports become golden, and the golden tip is encased by a glowing Tesla coil.


I have shared my guide to all of you, only you can get advantage of the Mega tesla as it can fight with air and ground both troops.  So I really like the Mega Tesla personally, as it made me so much experience, and I learned all the tricks while playing and defending.  So it’s my personal view on this. Hope you will enjoy this game without becoming frustrated and achieve the victory.

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