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The Poison Spell is the ultimate way to fight against defending Clan Castle troops. It is going to take their health as well as make them assault and walk slower. In this post, I’d like to talk about several ways how you help it become work best against defending Clan Castle troops and can use the Poison Spell.

Poison Spell Clash of Clans
Poison Spell Clash of Clans

How a Poison Spell Works in Battle of Families?

You use it is quite obvious, isn’t it? You need to use it to eliminate defending Clan Castle troops. The enchantment deals more damage this may add up to 2000 damage with a maxed Poison Enchantment Level 4 to some troop which is inside the range all of the time and the longer a troop is inside the scope. Look at the Clone Spell

Be cautious: The Poison Spell itself does n’t bill itself, the effect charges using the time it’s active on a specific troop. Readily talked – you can’t just drop it and it takes more damage when a troops walks into it.

Give your army the upper hand against enemy troops with this deadly poison! Defending units that linger in a Poison Spell’s toxic cloud will go slower, attack slower and take damage with increasing severity over time. Poison Spells do not affect structures.

Poison Spell in Action
Poison Spell in Action


Detail of Poison Spell

  • Ghosts appear after a Poison Spell is used with a creepy laughing sound.
  • Poison Spell is the first spell available in the Dark Spell Factory.
  • Damage Type : Area Splash
  • Housing Space : 1
  • Brewing Time : 5 Minutes
  • Targets : Ground & Air
  • Poison Spell does damage plus also slows down all enemy Troops, Heroes and Skeletons inside its area of effect, but does not do any damage to buildings.


Poison Spell Chart

Level Maximum Damage per Second Speed Decrease Attack Rate Decrease Cost Research Cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required
1 90 26% 35% 95 N/A N/A N/A
2 115 30% 40% 110 25,000 4 days 6
3 145 34% 45% 125 50,000 6 days 7
4 180 38% 50% 140 75,000 10 days 8


Strategy for CoC Poison Spell

  • Poison Spell is the best way to deal with Clan Castle troops of low hit points.
  • A Poison Spell has a circular area of effect for scaling damage.
  • Poison Spells now do scaling damage in a similar manner to a single target
  • Make sure that you have enough time left to complete your attack while planning and using Poison Spell.
  • With Poison Spell you can kill wizards, Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Minions and other low hit point troops

Upgrading Poison Spell is useful, as higher level Poison Spells kill clan castle troops faster and gives you more time to finish the attack.


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