Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy with Dragons

3 Star Attack Strategy for TH 8 With All Dragons

Best TH8 Attack Strategy to get 3 Stars in Clan Wars and in multiplayer battles. As we know that in Clash of Clans we are here to destroy our enemies and what can be better Attack Strategy when you are able to do 100% Damage in CoC Clan War. Here in this Video you will be […]

Clash of Clans Dragon -CoC Hack

Clash of Clans is tasteless without Ferocious Dragon -CoC Hack

The strength of the dragon CoC is known throughout the earth. This scaly terror of the skies feels no sympathy and nothing will escape the blazing splashes of his breath. This is my favorite Clash of Clans Troops after Clash of Clans Builder.  The CoC Dragon is a frightening flying unit and with their nasty […]